Long Sleeper Syndrome

Long Sleeper Syndrome.

What is Long Sleeper Syndrome?

Long Sleeper Syndrome basically falls under the category of proposed sleep disorders. The reason for this classification is the lack of information that usually supports a standard diagnosis for a typical sleep disorder. At present, it is still indefinite whether Long Sleeper Syndrome is an proper sleep disorder or not. Some studies, on the other hand, view the syndrome as merely an extreme in the normal range of sleep functions.

In Long Sleeper Syndrome, the body requires a longer period of slumber before it could actually restore lost energy and feel refreshed. The structure and quality of sleep is typically normal. The distinctive deviation lies in the number of hours spent in slumber. As a result, people suffering from this kind of syndrome are in need of more sleep compared to the conventional sleeping patterns of normal individuals.

Studies have shown the incidence of Long Sleeper Syndrome in approximately 2% of the population. Men have a higher propensity of exhibiting such condition compared to women. In most cases, Long Sleeper Syndrome begins at an early age and persists throughout the persons life.



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